Services Asset Management



QRES will

  • Manage and monitor all sale requests
  • Manage Real Estate Agents that are specialised in the type of assets and geographical districts
  • Contact potential buyers through an investor pool that showed interest at a certain point in time
  • Target potential buyers for specific assets
  • Monitor the demand for promoted assets and request valuations if the asking price is deemed excessive about the market


QRES will undertake the whole spectrum of due diligence, implementation, and execution related to onboarding. The QRES onboarding team supports the owner or servicer, liaises with the relevant staff, and handles the onboarding process in a timely and efficient manner. Our experience has made us aware that this function can create a bottleneck, delaying disposal times and asset management.


Maturity Services

QRES provides maturity services to asset owners and REO portfolios. Through diligent and effective coordination and management of the various legal, technical, and managerial teams, we document and record the existing situation and push forward efficient actions and productive solutions to achieve maturity and asset transferability.


Panel Management

QRES manages a wide range of panels to gain economies of scale and maintain high-quality results that are customised to the characteristics and the needs of the specific portfolio (legal, valuation, brokerage, property and facilities management, and asset management).


Project & Development Management

QRES provides technical advisory services, project management, and development management of light / heavy capital expenditure (CAPEX) work on a portfolio or asset-by-asset basis while coordinating and monitoring the completion of work-in-progress developments.


Capex Budgeting and Monitoring

Besides the project management, QRES will budget, monitor, and cost control the financials of CAPEX projects. This includes a thorough analysis and reporting, customised to any type of overviewing Committee or Body.


Facilities Management of Properties

QRES takes responsibility for the coordination and oversight of the rental management, insurance, security, access, utilities and other related facilities management functions.


Operational Restructuring

QRES undertakes the operational restructuring of real estate assets including advisory, supervision, and/or implementation. This may concern typical residential renovations, retail repositioning and regearing, change of asset use, hotel operational restructuring, or similar cases.


Pre-auction Marketing

QRES handles the marketing of real estate assets scheduled for auction. QRES prepares a complete asset file, sources all the necessary information needed by a prospective buyer while coordinating and educating interested agents and buyers, regarding the asset and auction process.


Real Estate Owned Company (REOCO) Management

The QRES team undertakes the management of the REOCO as required by the bank’s or investor’s plan. QRES team advises the owners on asset acquisition, implements the acquisition strategy and decisions, and participates in auctions while implementing the REOCO business plan from acquisition, through management, to sale, in coordination with the bank or investor.