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QRES advises major international funds on their investments in real estate in Greece and Cyprus. Further, QRES has advised on the formation of a fund established in Luxembourg, which is partly owned by the Qualco group, and has assisted on all aspects of the Offering Memorandum and relevant Business Plan. (

Through its unmatched market outreach, QRES often assists funds in the formation of synergies and joint ventures toward investments of any scale in the region.

Using its hands-on expertise in the real estate sector in Greece and Cyprus, the team helps funds in the formation of their investment strategy and the structuring of each of their investments in Greece and Cyprus; these investment(s) can be direct, focusing on real estate asset(s) per se, or indirect, focusing on the acquisition of shares in public or private companies that hold those real estate asset(s).

Indirect Investments in Real Estate

A significant number of transactions in real estate assets take the form of the acquisition of shares in public or private companies that hold those assets.

QRES advises on the structuring of such investments and goes a step further by proposing the formation of synergies between investors with similar investment strategies, depending on the ticket of each transaction.

In addition, the team advises real estate investment companies in Greece, which are listed in the Athens Stock Exchange, on the identification of new investment targets, the management of their investments, and the disposal of commercial assets upon maturity.