IMS Policy

QREs sets strategic and tactical goals for quality and provides the necessary resources to achieve them. It monitors and evaluates them regularly to ensure their ongoing suitability, as part of the continuous improvement of the services it offers.

The services are aligned with the business goals and organizational priorities, as well as those of the clients.

The roles and responsibilities for service management processes are defined and documented consistently, and the performance of personnel is evaluated accordingly.

In more detail, the company has committed to:

  • Provide high-quality services that align with the needs and expectations of its clients.
  • Ensures compliance with all laws and regulations governing its operations, with all relatively implemented standards, as well as regulations regarding the services it provides.
  • Maintains good business and profitable relationships with clients, contractors, suppliers, and other interested third parties.
  • Ensures and maintains the ability of all its employees at the required level so that they can identify and fulfil the contractual, legislative, and other requirements of the Company for the services it provides.
  • Implements special processes for the control, effectiveness, and continuous improvement of all existing, as well as new, services it provides.
  • Adopts an integrated process-centric approach for the efficient provision of services and the fulfilment of its customers’ requirements.
  • Ensures the continuous ability of the Company to meet its contractual obligations through appropriate plans for business continuity.
  • Ensures that the provided services are not disrupted when responding to an incident or disaster.
  • Ensures that the pricing and financial management of services are communicated continuously to customers.
  • Manages every change to the information systems used to provide information technology services, with the aim of continuously providing high-level services to its customers, through a change management process.


The satisfaction and trust of customers, employees, and shareholders are the three main pillars of the company’s corporate philosophy. The main goal is to offer customers high-quality products and services with added value and high benefits. More specifically, the company aims to:

  • The continuous expansion of the company’s market share in Greece and abroad, always prioritizing the provision of high-quality services
  • The constant improvement of the company’s workforce through training programs
  • Τhe continuous improvement of the Quality Management System and the operation of the Company through effective use of the following tools:
    • Setting and reviewing quality objectives
    • Management Review
    • Internal Audits and inspections
    • Corrective Actions
    • Systematic analysis of customer satisfaction data
    • Supplier evaluation based on quality criteria
    • Risk assessment & opportunities evaluation related to the company’s operating framework


The Company has appointed a Management Representative for each aspect of the Integrated System, who ensures that the Company’s Management System is implemented and maintained in compliance with the reference standards and the current policy.

This policy statement is regularly reviewed and updated in cases of significant changes to ensure its continuous validity and application, and it is available to any interested party